Friday, January 10, 2014

Reddit AMA

I'll be over at Reddit for most of the day today, answering questions, fending off attacks (or welcoming them, depending on your perspective), and talking training.

Feel free to stop by and say hello!


  1. Where on Reddit are you? I cant find the link...sorry i suck at reddit.

    1. Hey Nic,

  2. Kris, thank you for all the articles and thoughts on training. Your site is very motivating and thought provoking. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to ask you a question on Reddit last week.

    I have a sore elbow (medial) which I have been rehabbing with an reverse wrist curls, an Armaid, ice and generally easing off on training. My question is, have you tried or have any thoughts on a Rogue Floss Band?

    Thanks again for all your hard work and inspiration, PLJ

    1. Hey Peter, Thanks for checking us out!

      First, I'll direct you to my post on elbow injuries...

      Next, I hadn't heard of this Floss Band... so I looked it up. Interesting! Once upon a time I'd have been a skeptic, but after being blown away by the effectiveness of KT Tape, I've changed my tune. It looks promising, and I'd love to get ahold of one to try out. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

      Sorry I couldn't have helped more... you helped me out more than I helped you!


  3. Kris,

    I've ordered a the band and will let you know if it works, and will see you in the Red this spring,


  4. Kris, thanks for the reminder about your "pushing through twinges". I read your article when you published it and was doing the eccentrics you recommended. If you have any residual elbow pain I highly recommend you try the Floss band. I can't find an sensible explaination or justification for why or how it works (perhaps it works by pain gating or myofasial release). But, it does provide significant and lasting pain relief.