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Power Company Climbing Assessment

First, thank you for considering helping us out with this project. It’s a massive one, and we need your help to make it something special that we can all use in the future. As you all know, more and more science and data is finding it’s way into the training for climbing world. We’re ecstatic about that, but want to make sure that we know what the data means and that it’s important. We’ve been collecting data for quite some time, but to be sure about what we’ve learned, we need a lot more. A LOT MORE.

This is where you come in. Doing this for us will help us become more confident in the numbers we have and how they correlate with climbing performance. Once we have enough data, we’ll build the next phase of this project - an open source online assessment that will show you how you stack up against the physical attributes that you’ll need to climb your own projects.

So thanks for helping out. It means the world to us that you believe in what we’re building.

Step 1: Download the Assessment Instructions.

We suggest that you read through and get a feel for things before jumping in. Patience!

Step 2: Complete the Measurements.

Take as long as you need. We lay out an ideal session to rest ratio, but it’s up to you and we don’t want to take up too much of your valuable climbing time.

Step 3: Enter Your Assessment Results.

Once you’ve completed everything, click the link below (also provided in the Instructions PDF) and enter all of your results. You’ll also be asked a series of questions about your climbing and your physiology so that we can better correlate your numbers to climbing levels.

 If you have feedback on what we could do to make this assessment easier to complete or streamline the process, please let us know in the FB Community Group. Thank you!