Winter Goals and Southern Slopers.

Week One of the first training phase of the season is halfway behind me, and already I'm anxious to get back outside.  I've already come very (agonizingly) close to several moves in the gym that I thought I might never do, and am confident that my indoor "season long" projects will fall quicker than expected. Power is the name of the game, and I only now have begun cobbling together a wish list of outdoor problems for the winter. 

I don't anticipate being able to make it down into the Dirty South quite as much this year as I did last year, but I can certainly improve the quality of the time I spend there.  FOCUS.  Most of the moderates are behind me, so I've only the harder things to train my attention on.

Last winter I was able to get in one V9, my first.  This year I hope to do two more, and possibly add a V10.  The real goal is to know that I'm solid in the V8 range.  I've got a crimpy one, a slopey one, a tensiony one, and a big, tall, sketchy friction SLAB.  I plan on doing them all.  We'll see what time permits...

Here's the wish list, compiled from problems that have caught my eye.  Some I only know of via video and word of mouth, but most have made me stop and stare at some point in time.  A few I've even logged a little air time on.  All of them inspire me:


Right Wing

(Stone Fort)


(Stone Fort)

Sand Blasting Skin

(Laurel Snow)


The Orb


The Vagina


Helicopter Sit



(Stone Fort)



(Laurel Snow)


(Stone Fort) (assuming I have enough pads/spotters)

Bionic Rats



  (several to choose from here... gonna have to find what fits me best.)

The Speculum



(Laurel Snow)

Instinct Sit

(Stone Fort)

The White Face

(Stone Fort)

Golden Harvest

(Rocktown) (No, not to send... just to fondle.  It's hard for the grade and stunning... future project)

Jason Kehl on the incredible "Golden Harvest"

Scary topout of "Bedwetters".

The tension of "Helicopter".

Perfect Southern Slopers on "The Orb".

The flawless "Instinct".

Jason Kehl using small holds on "The White Face".

And so it begins...

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