Wake up, it's 2012.

I just returned home from a 5 day southern bouldering trip, and while I was psyched to discover that I've maintained my strength through this house project (though the final day climbing at LRC I felt like v7 was a struggle), I'm even more psyched to ring in 2012.  The house is very nearly done... we're living in it, and have a few tweaks to make, cosmetics to finish... and that means that I'll have time to really focus on training.  I'm planning on making a few changes in my training plan to be damn sure that I can go hard in 2012 (more on that later).

For now, I'm asking you guys for a little extra motivation... both for me, and for all of you.   What are YOU changing for 2012?  What are your climbing and training goals this year?  Give me the details.... names of climbs, numbers, where you're headed, whatever you've got.  The more I know about what you guys are doing, the more psyched I get.

A few posts that are on the way.... Climbing Through Elbow Injuries, Shirts... We Have Shirts!, Focused Hangboarding (with advice from Ryan Palo).  I might even post pics of this house project so that you guys know I'm not just slacking!

Lets bring it this year!