Community and the Columbus Climbing Cooperative

A couple of weeks ago I received a nice comment on a post, basically reminding me that I hadn't written part 4 in the 4 part series, and that he looked forward to it.  Sensing that this may be some coy attempt to get me to come out of hiding, I followed the name back to another blog...Real World Climbing.  Just wanted to tell him again, thanks for the adrenaline shot.

It's true, I've been gone.  I've been climbing, writing songs, writing training programs for several clients, and well, just not writing on this blog.  However, I'm back to training, trying out some new things, and I'll be writing again soon.

One other quick note... there hasn't been a day since my last post a couple of months ago that this blog has been seen less than 200 times.  Thanks for that.  I'm glad that there's enough information to keep people busy when I'm sick of writing it.

Now, in the spirit of the gift of smelling salts given to me by the kind folks at Real World Climbing, I wanted to share a bit of community news.

The story goes like this, in a nutshell:

Years ago, talented hold shaper Tony Reynaldo built a co-op climbing gym, called Kinetic, near the Ohio State campus in Columbus.  The gym was, and is, a real jewel.  Great angles, a training area, and not an inch of wasted space, a testament to Tony's design and climbing backgrounds.  Now that Tony is moving on and leaving Ohio, the gym is in limbo.  The Columbus Climbing Cooperative is forming for the sole purpose of keeping that kind of quality climbing available to Columbus climbers.  That may mean purchasing all or part of the Kinetic setup, or it may mean starting over fresh.  Regardless, it will be climber owned and operated, and we all have a chance to own part of it and have a voice.

If you're an Ohio climber, particularly a Columbus area climber, you owe it to yourself to see this happen.

The first meeting is tomorrow, Thursday 8/8/13 at 7:30 at the current Kinetic site.

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Paul Nelson doing his best Aaron Schneider impression

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