Of Shoulders, Elbows, and More To Come...

I'm currently readying a post about the how and why of using a system wall, but in the meantime I wanted to post an addition to my previous injury prevention and rehab posts.  In case you need a refresher, here's the one on fingers and elbows, and here's the one on shoulders.


I know you've all been training hard, and I just want to be sure you aren't getting sidelined by some silly overuse injury.

UK climbing coach Robin O'Leary and climber/physiotherapist Nina Leonfellner have teamed up and started a four part series on climbing injuries.  While much of the information is similar to my posts, it is more extensive and these two are far more qualified to take on the subject.  The first two articles are below, and I'll be sure to post the others when they are available.

Click Here for the article on Shoulders.

Click Here for the article on Elbows. 



System Board post... coming soon!

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