Books for Climbers: Nutrition and Strength

While I've not yet had the opportunity to read either of these books, I definitely plan to (and review them), and wanted to let you all know of their existence, so you can check them out.


"Rock Climbing Nutrition: The Essential Food Guide for Climbers" written by Aicacia Young, RDN, is of particular interest to me.  I grew up in a culture of canned and processed food.  It was less than a decade ago that I ate fast food EVERY day, often even two or three times a day.  I've gotten much better at monitoring what I put into my body, but it's a part of my climbing that could certainly use help, and I look forward to getting into this book.

You can pick up an ebook copy of Aicacia's book HERE.



"Strength: Foundational Training for Rock Climbing" written by Steve Bechtel, SFG CSCS.

You can pick up an ebook copy of Steve's book HERE.


Knowing what my schedule looks like, it could be a while before I get to reviewing either of these gems, but I wanted to give you guys and girls the heads up so that you can get your hands on them at the start of this training season.


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