Episode 20: Common Sense Training with Stevie Haston

Stevie Haston on The Power Company Podcast

LEGEND!  Not much more needs to be said about this weeks guest, Stevie Haston, but I'll say a few more things anyway.  How does "flashed 14a trad" grab you?  Or "14d in his mid fifties"?  I figured that would be enough to get your attention.  Simply put, Stevie Haston is a machine.  A simple, hard working, sensible machine.  

I've admired the Common Sense approach that Stevie brings to his training for some time, and am priveleged to have been able to sit down with him at The Salt Palace in the middle of a busy Outdoor Retailer.  He's a no nonsense guy who is clear headed and appreciative about the life that he leads.  A simple one.  Imagine that.  

You can learn more about Stevie's approach to training directly from him at www.steviehaston.blogspot.com.  Seriously, give it a read... it's one of the most entertaining blogs around.  

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