Episode 9: Long Distance Projecting with Jon Cardwell

Jon Cardwell

In this episode I sit down with professional climber, routesetter, and youth coach, Jon Cardwell.  We discuss the emotional and physical toll that it takes to have a project a long way from home.  In Jon's case, that project was the famed Chris Sharma testpiece "Biographie" (5.15a), which happened to be over 5,000 miles from his home in Boulder, Colorado, and took him a total of 9 years and hundreds of attempts.  That's some serious dedication.  

We break down each years' attempts, as well as how it felt to walk away having failed, again and again.  We take a close look at how Jon dealt with those failures, and how he focused in on the small successes to keep him coming back to Ceuse year after year.  We look at how he structured his training for the final push.  And finally, we really delve into those last few days, and what it took to get it done.  

It's true, this is 15a, a grade most of us will never even dream of.  Regardless, we can all learn a lesson in dedication and perspective here.  Jon has some great insights, and his mindfullness of the process can easily be applied to your 11a, 12a, or 13a projects at your home crag, across the country, or overseas.  


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