Episode 28: Community and Fleeting Youth with Cody Roth

Cody Roth Power Company Podcast

This an extremely rare "catch and release" episode.  Nate and I were in Austin for a workshop at Crux Climbing Center, and I heard news that Cody Roth had recently completed the FA of "Me I Eat Dust," which at 14+ is currently the hardest sport climb in Texas.  However, it was his comments about how he's climbing better now, even while he isn't in the shape he was in his 20's, that got me interested.  I hit Cody up on Facebook, and a couple of hours later we had this recording.  Brilliant, this community is.

In other news, we reached the $100 per month mark of support, thanks to our amazing Patrons!  You guys are the best!  All of you can thank them for the fact that starting now, you get 3 episodes per month.  I'm glad we got there because I've got TONS of these podversations to put out into the intrawebs.

You've all been asking about "Devil's Advocate #1:" the Moon Board episode.  It's coming.  We've got some surprises in store, so we're taking our time.  It'll be worth the wait.  

Ok.  I'll be talking to you guys again very soon.  Why?  Three episodes this month, that's why.  BOOM.

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