Power Company Performance Pack from Rhino Skin Solutions

As a result of our Episode 29 podversation with Rhino Skin Solutions, we've partnered with them to offer the Power Company Performance Pack.  Because Nate and I have very different skin, thus very different needs, we specifically chose these products so that you can discover which products work best for your skin type.  

Why Rhino?

To put it simply, Rhino is different.  It's not just a moisturizer like so many of the other products out there.  Several of their products have drying agents, though not in the same worrisome concentration as the popular but outdated Antihydral.  Think of Rhino as a skin conditioner.  Once you know the products that work for you, you'll be able to quickly get your skin into sending condition.

How do I use it?

Repair:  Use after climbing when your skin is torn up and in need of some love.  Not at all oily, no drying agents, and it soaks in quick so that you're phone doesn't get slippery while you're posting your sends on instagram.  If I'm resting the next day, this is the only product I reach for.  Wash your hands and apply.  

Performance:  This one is the big money as far as I'm concerned.  If I'm planning on climbing 2 days in a row, this is on my hands as soon as they're washed after Day 1.  And then again a couple of hours later.  And then again before I go to sleep.  MONEY.  It contains a little of the drying agent, so it gets your hands in good shape for climbing the next day.  

Dry: When my skin is in decent shape, it's a rest day, and I'm climbing the next day, then this is the product I reach for at bedtime to apply to my tips.  More of the drying agent... as far as I'm concerned the perfect amount.  Nate has skin thats more wet than mine, so he uses this more often.  Comes in a spray and a roll on.  In the Power Company Pack, you get the roller.  

Mikey's Tip Juice:  Full strength drying agent.  I don't use this stuff at all, but Nate does often.  Similar to Antihydral, but without the pasty mess.

Split Stick:   Thicker, in a chapstick like consistency, so that you can pack it into your splits and cracks that need healing.  Pack it in, cover it with Repair, and wait for better skin.  I haven't gotten a single split since using Rhino Skin products, so I haven't used this at all, but if you need it, you'll have it.  

80 Grit Skin File:  Not all skin files are created equal.  In my opinion, 80 grit sits right in the sweet spot.  Use this to get rid of the rough edges on any little rips before you apply Repair or Performance.  

You can learn ALOT more by listening to our podversation with Justin and Andi from Rhino.  Get it on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app.  

If you buy the Power Company Performance Pack, we get 20%, so you'll be supporting us, as well as Rhino... 2 independent companies in on purchase.  

Click here to get the Power Company Performance Pack!

Until March 31st, 2017 use the code PowerCompany and get 15% off!

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