Musical Contributor: Ill Poetic

It's no secret that my experience with music and audio has played a key part in ensuring the high audio quality of the Power Company Podcast.  You've come to expect it.  I obsess over it.  One of our recent, and most popular, additions, has been the "Not So Average Series," where we talk to an "everyday climber" that is actually not so average.  If you've listened, you know that those episodes require a much higher production effort, which means it takes me A LOT more time.  Part of that time is spent finding music that matches the episode.  

My job just got easier.  

In my years making music, I've worked with producer/beat maker/emcee Ill Poetic on a number of occasions, and he has always forced me to step up my writing game.  My project "To Mock A Killingbird" was entirely over beats from Ill Poetic, and it took me nearly 10 years to feel like my writing was good enough to put to his production.  Over the years, I watched him make the move into making music full-time, which partially inspired my own full-time leap into Power Company Climbing.  

His production is layered with the type of complexity that forces a visceral, visual response.  When I'm crafting an audio story, that's exactly what I need.

Ill Poetic has very graciously agreed to allow me to use his instrumentals for our "Not So Average" series, which makes my life much simpler, and will make your listening experience that much better.   If you're a fan of hiphop/funk/soul, or simply want to support an artist who puts his everything into what he does, lend him an ear and a few minutes of your time.  

The next episode is coming very soon, with a young climber named Jonah Durham, who exhibits a level of maturity I rarely see in even the most seasoned veterans.  That level of maturity has allowed his climbing to jump from V8 to V10 and 12b to 13a in a very short time, and we'll explore exactly how, over a soundtrack created by Ill Poetic.   


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