Episode 76: Fueling from Skratch with Dr. Allen Lim

Allen Lim Cover.png

Dr. Allen Lim is a sports physiologist, author (you can find his great cookbooks below), and founder of Skratch Labs. We sat down at Skratch headquarters in Boulder, Colorado for what might be the most fascinating and easily digestible (pun intended) look at nutrition and hydration ever recorded.  Seriously.  

We talk how hydration works and why water just isn't enough. We also go into recovery and why Skratch decided not to mess with the magic of chocolate milk. Because I think it's important for you (and me) to understand, Allen explains the lineup of Skratch products and how and when to best use them. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I've been an Ambassador for Skratch Labs for several years. This interview was in no way connected to that relationship, other than the fact that I believe in the company, the products, and the philosophy they keep.

Dr. Lim's books, co-authored with Chef Biju Thomas, are must haves in my opinion. Particularly Feed Zone Portables, which is a great collection of healthy, energy packed crag food. If you buy through these links, we get a small percentage (without raising your price), and you're helping to support the Power Company Podcast.