Episode 120: Board Meetings | The Top 5 Reasons Why The Pros Are Better Than You

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For most of you reading this, the truth is that the pros are better than you. Why? Are they special in some way? Some of them don't even "train"! How the hell did they get so good? 

Nate and I sit down after recording several other episodes and drinking several beers, to discuss the top 5 reasons why the pros are so good. Some reasons you can use to improve your own climbing, some that just depend on your situation.

Beware The Exspurt

Beware The Exspurt

Danger is everywhere.  I’m not talking about the kind of danger that we as rock climbers put ourselves into.  I’m talking about the kind of parasitic danger that searches you out.  There are two main types that thrive in the chalky environment in climbing gyms: The Lurker and The Exspurt.

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