Power Company Climbing at Climb Time Oakley

October 15th and 16th

Kris Hampton - owner, coach, and podcast host at Power Company Climbing - began his climbing career at Climb Time Blue Ash in April of 1995. In fact, Kris did the belay check for Patty - now the owner of Climb Time!

On October 15th and 16th, he’ll be returning to Cincinnati to check out the new Oakley gym, give a talk about the big lessons he’s learned from the podcast, and to do his popular Boulder Better workshop. And of course, to climb a little and drink a few Cincy brews.

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October 15th 7:00pm | Free

As host of the popular Power Company Podcast (nearing it’s millionth download!), Kris is fortunate to get to have face to face, in depth conversations with experts across the climbing, sports, and learning world. Over more than 200 hours of these recordings, he’s seen a few themes pop up over and over that are shared by many successful athletes and coaches.

In this 45 minute show, through anecdote, research, videos, and clips from the podcast, Kris will share the top lessons he’s learned - ones that we can all use in both climbing and our everyday lives.

Kris will arrive at the gym by 4pm or so (Cincinnati traffic dependent of course…) to climb a little prior to the show, and afterward will go to Madtree for food and drinks.

Feel free to join!

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October 16th 6:30pm-9:30pm | $45 + gym admission

Time is precious. Whether you are a boulderer or a sport climber, spending time to get BETTER should be your #1 goal in the gym. Luckily, getting stronger and becoming a better climber doesn't demand much time, as long as your sessions are structured correctly and focused on the right things!

Join Power Company Climbing coach Kris Hampton for this 3 hour intensive workshop to explore training and practice techniques that will help you get better faster and more efficiently.

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