Video Analysis can be a great option if you aren't able to work one on one with a coach or trainer, but want to have your movement skills analyzed so that you can better know where to focus your efforts on improvement.  Contact us for more information.

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The cost of an analysis covers 5 total minutes worth of video, in no more than 3 individual videos. The finished analysis will be longer, sometimes double the length of the original video, to allow time for rewatching specific parts, slow motion replays, and going over suggestions to address any recognized issues.

Video Recommendations: 
For Routes: I prefer to see you as you are tying in and approaching the route, and the best case scenario is two angles of the same route or sections of a route... one from behind or to the side (not below), and one from above, so that I can see your movements as well as your face.

For Boulders: Again, I prefer to see how you approach the problem. Chalking, your body language, etc. 5-10 seconds prior to and after the problem is fine.  Best case scenario is to get several angles of the same problem. Directly behind, beside, and above are all great angles to get so that I can better understand the angle of the wall, your complete movement, and your facial expressions.

Keep in mind that an analysis can only be as effective as your video allows. I can only analyze what's there, so try to give me as much visual information as possible.