Finger Care Bundle - WHOLESALE BULK
from 142.85

Our two most popular items, conveniently bundled together. Available in bulk quantities of 10, 20, and 30 bundles.

Each bundle (MSRP: $20), in an individual box, includes a Finger Care Kit (individual MSRP: $15) and a 5 Roll Pack of Circuit Tape (individual MSRP: $7).

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Conveniently packaged in a small box and contains:

  • 5 Roll Pack of Circuit Tape

  • Myofascial Release Ball. Smaller than a lacrosse ball to allow you to dig into your forearms better. Roughly the size of a golf ball.

  • One Finger Extensor Trainer.

  • Two Finger Acupressure Rings.

  • Two Finger Sized Voodoo Floss Bands.

  • Power Company Logo Linen Bag

  • 1 Power Company Logo Sticker