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Sunday, January 24, 2016

We're Growing and I Need Your Help!

Longtime readers will remember that I recently overhauled the look of the site, which was huge for us.  However, we've continued to grow, and we've just plain outgrown this blog page.  I've used about every work around I can come up with to make the site comprehensive, but it's also made it cluttered.  Podcasts, Online training, PDF training, blogs, workshops, coaching.... it's too much for our little site here.

And worst of all, it's become nearly impossible to navigate on mobile, and despite our best efforts, it still isn't great.

So we're moving.  Same name, same url, nothing will change for you except for the experience.  It's going to get simpler, cleaner, and best of all, mobile friendly.

So here's where I need your help...

I'm not one to follow trends, so I've steered clear of the trendy "white background, dark text" site.  But maybe I'm being short sighted, so I want your input. There's a poll below, and in the sidebar to the right.  Take a second, vote for which you prefer, and if you have other input, leave me a comment.



How Should The Site Look Going Forward?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adding to the Family: Nathan Drolet

Photo of Nate looking too strong for Dracula (13b) stolen totally without permission from Julie Hwang.

Things have gotten busy over here.  Setting up Google task lists and reminders busy.  Business busy.  That's right, this thing has become a business.  I'd like to say it was inevitable, but I absolutely could have been lazy and avoided it.  The good news is, it's making money, which means I can post more... when I'm not taking care of clients, which is nearly always.  

At any rate, it's a business, and I need good people involved who really care, and who want to help people succeed.  People who think about this as much as I do.  

Nate Drolet is that guy.  

On several occasions in the past years, I've gotten a message from Nate calling me out for some quirk in my climbing style or training philosophy. It's those messages that made the decision easy to bring Nate on board.  I enjoy being analyzed and coached.  I want to learn and get better.  So do all of our clients, or they wouldn't be paying money to let us help them. 

If there's one thing that stands out to me about Nate's climbing, it's his attention to his movement.  Whether he is warming up, trying at his limit, or playing around on silly eliminates for fun, he'll always be smooth and mindful of the efficacy of every movement.  

I don't need to give you all the details... find out some for yourself.  His Vimeo channel is packed full of no frills, quality bouldering, and you can listen to him wax poetic about movement practice with Neely on his Trainingbeta Episode.  He's a quiet, but driven, 5.14 and V11 climber, and isn't a slouch in the kitchen either.

So be on the lookout for more from Nate... both here on the blog and on the podcast, where he'll be contributing.  Nate will also be coaching through our mobile app, where we currently have 4 spots open to work with Nate at 20% off our regular prices!  These have been filling fast, so shoot me an email at if you want to get involved!

Big Bend and Finger Hut from Nathan Drolet on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Episode 2: Resistance Training with Steve Bechtel

Photo by Kyle Duba

In Episode 2 I sit down with Steve Bechtel at his gym in Lander, Wyoming, to talk resistance training for climbers.  Yes, lifting weights.  No, you won't get swole.  Yes, you should do it.  But enough of that.  Just listen.  We've already recorded two more hours with Steve, so you'll hear more from him in the coming months!

You can find Steve at ClimbStrong.

We're on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, so find us, subscribe, and listen.  Frankly, I don't give a shit if you rate it or not.  People say you should... but I don't know why.  Maybe someday I will and I'll change my mind.

Episode 3?  It could happen!  This thing could be official!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

No Kings, No Way

"Comparison is the thief of joy."  -Theodore Roosevelt

Around here, we like to use the hashtag #webuildmachines.  However, I'm acutely aware that you could just as often substitute with the hashtag #webuildmonsters, and I don't mean that in a positive way.  Anytime that you are working to build up bodies and spirits, and help people break into new personal levels, it's inevitable that egos will overinflate.  They'll grow bigger and bigger, heavier and more cumbersome, and eventually, those Hindenburgian egos will come crashing down.  

And it's going to hurt.

Let me start by saying this... I've never had a bad day rockclimbing, and I've never had a bad day training.  Have I performed poorly?  Absolutely.  Have I sucked at climbing sometimes?  Definitely.  But I'm in the woods climbing rocks, or I'm at the gym, working to better myself.  I CHOSE those things.  What could possibly make me upset to be there?

You failed on your project, lowered off dejected, and then somebody warmed up on it.  You suck, you'll never be good, you may as well quit.  
Don't be an idiot.  
That person was once where you are.  That wasn't always their warmup, and their project is someone elses warmup.  
Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. 

While I was projecting Transworld Depravity, the hardest route I've sent, I had the PLEASURE of watching a (then unknown) Alex Megos flash it as a warmup.  I watched several friends send it much faster than I did.  It didn't diminish at all the feeling I felt when I finally clipped the chains.  

There's another thing it didn't do.  It didn't diminish the psyche I felt at seeing a random person send their first 11b, which, incidentally, was my warmup that day.  They were inspired to see me climb and downclimb it without chalking, same as I was to watch young Megos walk Transworld a year prior.  

For the last couple of years I've listened over and over to the album "No Kings", by one of my favorite hiphop collectives, Doomtree.  It's concept is simple, one we could all do well to live by.

  There are no kings.  There are no peasants.  

Your battle on your project is no different than Sharma battling on First Round First Minute, or Nalle on his multi year Lappnor Project.  It's no different than a beginner slapping and clawing their way up their first 5.9. 

This is a personal struggle.  If, for some reason, you believe that yours ranks higher than that of someone else, then your biggest struggle isn't on the rock at all.

I've built machines.  I've also built monsters.  Frankly, I feel bad about it.  Climbing can't be much fun when you're mostly concerned about how you compare to everyone else.  


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Episode 1: Going Big with Carlo Traversi

Photo by Mary Mecklenburg Photography

Oh shit, it actually happened... Episode 1.

In this, our inaugural episode, we talk with pro climber Carlo Traversi, exploring the merits of being dynamic in your climbing.  We take a close look at his approach to an impressive send of "Sky" (V14), which required rethinking an enormous move.  Carlo came up with a solution that most of us never would have considered.

Watch the video HERE.

We also discuss his signature move, the Pogo, and how to determine when you might be using your new skill TOO much.

And you can now find us on iTunes!  Go Subscribe!