Owner/Coach/Podcast Host

Kris Hampton Power Company Climbing

Lander, Wyoming

Kris became a student of movement by watching gymnasts train at a facility near the neighborhood where he grew up. He saved his own money, took a class, and in a short time, was teaching tumbling classes and coaching men's gymnastics. In 1994, Kris found rock climbing, and after a decade as a trad climber, and a short break from climbing, discovered the joy of the gymnastic movement that is sport climbing and bouldering. To make up for the time away from the sport, at age 33, Kris began to get serious about training for climbing.  At 40 he climbed his first 5.14, and at 44 his first V11, both of which are grades that seemed mythical when he first began climbing.  He doesn't believe that the progression will end there.

Seeing his success, Kris' friends asked for training plans.  Then readers of the blog asked for training plans.  Now he's written plans for thousands of climbers all over the world, and gets just as much satisfaction from their successes as he does his own.



Coach/Podcast Host

Nate Drolet Power Company Climbing

On The Road, USA

Nate, who is the cohost of our popular "Board Meetings" podcast episodes,  began climbing in 2005, and since the beginning has been obsessed with better understanding movement. He's never considered himself a naturally strong climber, and he's had to learn to make up for that with technique, mindset, and tactics. However, in the winter of 2014, Nathan realized the shortcoming in this approach, and in his focused style began the process of learning as much about strength and conditioning as possible.

Nate is equally comfortable at the sport crag and boulder field, where his  focus and methodical approach has led to ascents of long, pumpy 5.14s as well as short, powerful V12's. 

Movement wise, Nathan is one of the most mindful climbers you'll ever see.  It's this, combined with his growing knowledge base on strength training, that he hopes to impart to all of his clients.


Strength and Conditioning Coach


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Paul is one of the best coaches we've ever worked with.  His ability to quietly motivate and teach is remarkable.  He believes in safe, effective, and time-efficient strength training that doesn't take away from climbing time, and unlike many coaches, Paul walks the walk.  He's climbed 5.13 and double digit boulders, and is a force to be reckoned with if a boulder requires squeezing.

In addition to his work for the Power Company, he is the owner of a new training facility in Chattanooga, Crux Conditioning, where he works with a variety of people, from adults with general fitness goals to elite collegiate athletes and outdoor athletes of all ability levels. 

Paul graduated from Purdue University ('12) with a degree in Movement and Sports Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA, a SFG Level I Kettlebell Instructor, a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, a FMS-Level 2 practitioner, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach.



Blake Cash Power Company Climbing

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Blake was one of the very first clients to use our new training app and customized plans.  Over several training cycles he kept asking questions, digging into the how and why of training, practice, and progression.  Kris noticed in Blake the same curiosity that led him to go down the path that became The Power Company, so he brought him on board to help build the team, where he's become an integral part of the growing community.

Coaching hasn't stopped Blake from progressing his own climbing.  He's been climbing for 12 years, and though he'll begrudgingly go to the boulder fields, where he's climbed V10, he's mainly a sport climber, with ascents of up to 5.14 in areas all over the country.  During the summer he escapes the southern humidity and travels the West with his wife Erynn, a school teacher.  

Blake is the main coach for our "Proven Plan" system, and because of his hands on, caring approach, many of his clients return to him for custom plans. 





Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jess is fairly new to the climbing scene but she’s no stranger to training and coaching. She started dancing at 3 years old, competed throughout high school, and took it all the way to the NBA in 2011. She then took her athletic curiosity and competitive personality to the pavement and took up distance running, completing multiple marathons. 

In 2015, she and her husband Miles took up climbing as a New Year’s resolution to have a shared way to stay fit together, and before long climbing became their full-time focus. She prefers short, powerful climbs on bad holds but doesn’t mind a technical crimpy route or a sketchy heel hook now and then. Her first climbing goal was to climb V7 within three years and she is now working toward climbing V10. A former Collegiate Nationals competitor, her favorite destinations are Yosemite, Horse Pens, and the Holy Boulders, though she also hopes to eventually visit at least one gym in every state!

Jess earned her Master’s in Sport and Exercise Science in 2016, is a NASM CPT, and continues to study how best to apply her extensive knowledge to climbing.