Our Favorite Resources

Whether it's physical, mental, or technical training, we often look to other sports and experts for ideas. As a source of online information ourselves, we know that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there to sift through. It can be hard to know where to begin, what's worth checking out, and which sources you can count on for accurate and useful information.  We wanted to share a few of our favorites for those of you interested in digging deeper into your training.  Here are some books, other podcasts, and additional online resources we turn to first for information we can trust.

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Performance Podcast 
A weekly strength, conditioning, training, fitness, and performance podcast hosted by strength coaches Wil Fleming and Coach Dos.

Exploring the MindSide with Dr. Bhrett McCabe
Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe explores topics related to nutrition, performance and sports psychology, and personal excellence.

Align Podcast
Accomplished manual therapist and movement coach Aaron Alexander talks to some of today's biggest names in movement and wellness.

The Guru Performance "We Do Science" Podcast
Hosted by Guru Performance founder Laurent Bannock, important and cutting edge developments in sports nutrition and exercise physiology are discussed.

The Strength Coach Podcast
Host Anthony Renna interviews today's top strength and conditioning coaches, fitness professionals, and nutritionists.

The Rdella Training Podcast
A weekly strength & performance podcast hosted by coach and physical therapist Scott Iardella, featuring practical interviews to help you train better, safer, & stronger.

The ClinicalAthlete Podcast
Trainers, coaches, and healthcare providers explore the science behind training, movement, and injury, with the ultimate goal of providing better care for today's athletes.

Barbell Shrugged
A weekly podcast from fitness network Shrugged Collective, that focuses mainly on training and nutrition for athletes.

The Tim Ferriss Show
High performing individuals from varying fields are interviewed to reveal useful tips on how to be successful by developing healthy habits and time-management skills.

The FitCast
Be sure to check out Episodes 313 and 317 about "Pain Science" of this fitness and nutrition podcast for athletes and fitness professionals.  

The Ready State
Hosts Dr. Kelley Starrett and Juliet Starrett believe that correct movement is the key to injury prevention and increased athletic performance.  In this podcast, they ask academics and athletes alike questions related to human physicality.


Strong First : The School of Strength
Find articles, videos, courses, and more related to traditional strength training from this resource founded by renowned fitness instructor Pavel Tsatsouline, known for popularizing the kettle bell in the US.

Girls Gone Strong
Find information and tools intended to empower women through fitness training, self-care strategies, and nutrition with a body-positive mindset.

Train Ugly
Find videos, articles, workshops, and more that take a science-based approach to athletic development through training and education. You can hear Train Ugly founder Trevor Ragan on Episode 64 of our podcast!

Tony Gentilcore
Check out the blog from this Boston-based trainer who writes about a range of training related topics including injuries, deadlifting, and more.

Dean Somerset
This Canadian personal trainer writes his blog with the goal of sharing information to help people with all sorts of health and fitness goals stay engaged and use safe and effective training methods.

Stronger by Science

Practical training advice, articles, and guides, at the cross-section of scientific analysis and under-the-bar experience.

James Clear
Find articles on how to improve your health and happiness through better habits and decision making skills from this author and photographer.

Eric Cressey
Find training tips, strength and mobility exercises, and further reading resources in this blog from accomplished author, professional powerlifter, and coach Eric Cressey.