This is Where My Time Goes...

This is not about training.  Unless of course you put it into the context of reduced amount of time for training.  However, I can't even fit it in that way, because I haven't missed out on any training to work on this project.  Fact is, I just wanted to share.

Sometime around 2003 I conceptualized an album based on my favorite book, "To Kill A Mockingbird".  The project would be built around samples from the movie soundtrack and loosely follow the moral lessons and themes from the book.

After years of knowing that I wasn't ready to complete the vision, the words finally came.

Here is the first song.  The rest will follow by summer, and will all be free for download.  I chose to release it today, as it's the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King.  Enjoy, and feel free to share.

Thanks for indulging me.  We now return to our regulary scheduled programming...

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