Half A Milli!

Sometime yesterday we passed half a million views.  That seems a little crazy to me, considering the tiny niche that we occupy.  Regardless, thank you!

Following some of my traffic back to reddit recently, I discovered a very spot-on critique that my recent posts have seemed like advertisements.  I looked back, and it became obvious to me how review heavy I've been the past several months.

I 100% stand by my reviews of those products, but it's true; there have been far too many reviews as of late.  That's changing.  I committed to a handful of reviews, and when life threw me a sinker last fall, blogging became one of my lowest priorities.  I still felt the pressure to get those reviews out, and not just throw them together, so those posts ended up being the only ones to see the light of day.

Most of the roadblocks have been passed at this point, and this shoulder injury has provided me much needed catch up time.  Big things are brewing over here, and I'm working hard at it.

Speaking of which (and speaking of sounding like an advertisement), now is as good a time as any to make the first real announcement (hidden down here past where the casual reader will make it before clicking elsewhere): we are inching closer to launching our smartphone app!  We'll be able to deliver customized training plans based on your goals, experience, strengths and weaknesses, directly to your smartphone.  You'll be able to track your workouts on your phone, where we can review what you've been up to and make necessary changes and suggestions.  We've currently got several levels of climbers testing it, from 5.11 to 5.14, and it's looking like we'll have it out into the world by the end of summer!  You'll most certainly be hearing about it in more depth soon!

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I've been writing like crazy, and I'm trying to set posts back and space them out like I'm supposed to, but I'm not sure how long I can sustain that.  It's tough not to just hit publish!  So if you see a string of rapid fire posts, just know that I couldn't take it anymore.

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