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I use the term "Training Videos" in the title of this post because "Exercise Videos" sounds too Jane Fonda or Jazzercise, and "Practice Videos" would elicit a "Psssht, I don't need PRACTICE!"  Yes, you do, but that's for a different post at a later date when I'm not swamped with building the Power Company brand and business.  Basically, a later date when I can rant directly and piss some sensitive people off.

I know this is yet another in what could be a long list of "I haven't forgotten you, but I've been busy," posts, and I promise those will end soon and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Until then, here's what I've been up to:

Mobile Apps and Training Plans

It's training season, so I've been busy writing plans.  I've moved most of my previous athletes over to the new mobile platform, and they are helping me to work out some kinks before we officially launch it.  We need to get the videos in, make a few changes, and it'll be ready for the world.  The photo is of a quick screenshot of Power Company trainer Sarah Rottenberger's scheduled training day for today.  It's a very tiny snapshot of what this thing does, and I'm excited to have it so close to launching!  


I mentioned this before, but as I've listened back to a few of the recorded conversations I had while in Wyoming and Colorado, I've gotten even more psyched about what I've got.  Look for these to start making their way into the world in a couple of months!  The photo above is of an in-depth conversation I had with my good friend Rannveig Aamodt, concerning the mental and physical awareness and fortitude it takes to come back from a serious setback.  If you haven't heard Rannveig's story... you should!


Practice Videos

Yeah, that's right... Practice.  I said it.  These videos will be available in our mobile app, attached to nearly every exercise we prescribe.  There are hundreds.  It takes time.  Time x Hundreds = Swamped.  That's me, right now.

PDF Training Plans

We've started to populate our online store with PDF Training Plans for those folks who still like paper or are technologically challenged and still use flip phones with no intrawebs.  I'm not hating, I actually envy you.  At any rate, we've got a few of these available now, though we're going to be adding a few things that will be helpful, like downloadable training logs and links to the "Practice Videos", once those are all online.   Keep checking back... there will be lots more when we're done (though we may never be DONE)!

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The Many Faces of Kris!

Boredom is not one of my problems.  Going crazy from staring at video editing or program writing, however, definitely is.  These instagrams were my way of staying sane last week.  My head on several famous Chrises.  (Yes, as far as I can tell, "Chrises" is the plural of Chris.  I've had this problem my entire life, so if you know of conclusive evidence to disprove this, I'd love to know.)  At any rate, if you aren't already following me on Instagram, you should be!

You can find me: @powercompanyclimbing

Oh, and of course I've been doing physical therapy.  That takes a pretty big chunk of time, actually.  I'm feeling WAY stronger, and I'll update you on that in a couple of days.

Talk to you soon!

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