Episode 57: Flow and Mental Mastery with Hazel Findlay

Hazel Findlay Power Company Podcast

I'm not often intimidated by people, but Hazel Findlay's reputation is much larger than her 5'2" frame, so I was a bit anxious about this conversation. Mental training can be a pretty nebulous topic to begin with, so if I was going to be stumbling over my words, it could end up being a rough conversation. Not long after Hazel showed up at my house, it was clear that while she is indeed a force to be reckoned with, there was no reason to fret. As she would say, my worry was all "rubbish."

Hazel has a really great way of taking these concepts that are sometimes tough to connect with and making them seem simple. She struggles through them just like most of us do, and in turn is able to relate to exactly how we all experience fear, doubt, and any other number of emotions that can be both destructive and extremely valuable. I value this insight as a coach, and I look forward to talking with Hazel more in the future.   

Plus, she may or may not have said, "We don't tweet, we scream like eagles," in that amazing accent, which makes her my default favorite guest.  

In this episode Hazel mentions The Inner Game of Tennis, a classic book about the mental side of performance.  That led me to wonder what other books that Hazel might recommend, so this month we are giving our Patrons Hazel's recommended reading list, as well as a bonus episode with fan favorite Steve Bechtel.  


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