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Designed with skin preservation in mind, Circuit Tape is a breathable, cohesive tape that sticks to itself rather than you, so it works perfectly for chalky, sweaty sessions and won’t leave your skin soft and damp.

  • Stays put on chalky, sweaty hands. Perspiration does not reduce the cohesive bond.

  • Pre-tape to save skin, and it’s breathable so it won’t soften your tips.

  • Each roll is precut to 1/2” wide and contains 10 yds of tape.

  • Perfect size for carrying on route.

  • Comes in a reusable container to keep it clean.


Want to learn more about our Circuit Tape? Be sure to check out our blog post by clicking HERE!
To get some tips on taping from Kris himself, check out the video below!




Healthy fingers are priority #1 if you want to climb your best.

Combining several tools that are must-haves for finger and forearm care, our Finger Care Kit is conveniently packaged in a Power Company logo linen bag so that you can easily take it with you whether you’re headed to the crag or the gym.

You get:

  • One Myofascial Release Ball.  Smaller than a lacrosse ball to allow you to dig into your forearms better. Roughly the size of a golf ball.

  • One Finger Extensor Trainer.  

  • Two Finger Acupressure Rings.

  • Two Finger Sized Voodoo Floss Bands.

Not totally sure how to use all these tools? Check out the video above!