Endurance Training for Climbers Looking to Break the 5.11 or 5.12 Barriers

Our first training program is live and available for purchase for just $24 on TrainingBeta.com!

It's an 8 week local endurance program that is designed to help climbers break through the 5.11 or 5.12 barrier, and help to build a solid foundation for future training programs and harder climbing.  It's broken into two 4 week phases, and will require 2-4 days per week, with time built in for climbing outside.  It is spring after all!

This program is entirely climbing based, includes lots of mileage and several endurance drills that will not only help keep you ahead of the pump, but will teach you to better manage and recover from that inevitable pump.  Through prescribed exercises, you'll learn to keep your technique together no matter how destroyed you feel.  Wooden forearms don't have to mean failure anymore!

Check out this new program and get on board.  Bust through to 5.12 this spring, and by the time you're ready, we'll have the next steps for you!

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