Episode 125: #OzClimbingTrivia Tee Shirt Giveaway


We went a little overboard on our Oz Tour 2019 Tee Shirts, so we decided to give a few away if you can answer a few questions. I scoured the depths of Australian Climbing Trivia to find these 11 questions - some gimmes and some damned hard. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Screenshot this podcast (any episode).

  2. Share the screenshot to Instagram. Tag 2 friends who may be able to answer the questions as well. 

  3. Answer the question and include the question number. 

  4. Tag me (@powercompanyclimbing) and use the hashtag #OzClimbingTrivia

If you're the first to answer, I'll message you for your address (only open to people in Australia) and I'll send you a Tour Tee!

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