Growing Up.

Tonight in the gym I received a tidbit of the affirmation that keeps me writing this blog. When I'm told that someone sent their first V7 after getting psyched about training because of my writing, or that they changed up their routine based on my suggestions and noticed a difference in their climbing, it motivates me.

To those who've given me great feedback, Thank you.  To those who have provided inspiration (yes, this includes you, Fairy Ringers), thank you as well.

Somehow over the course of digging into this climbing season, I failed to mention that we had passed 100,000 hits.  Today we passed 125,000, and this month, despite my lack of posting, looks to be the most read month yet.  Not bad for such a specific topic.

Come to think of it... that is an awful lot of hits just for training for rock climbing.  I suppose slackers have to read, too.  That's the only thing that can explain it.  Ha!

We're growin' up.  Thanks to you guys.

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