Adding to the Family: Nate Drolet

Photo of Nate looking too strong for "Dracula" (13b) stolen totally without permission from Julie Hwang.

Things have gotten busy over here.  Setting up Google task lists and reminders kind of busy.  Business busy.  That's right, this thing has become a business.  I'd like to say it was inevitable, but I absolutely could have been lazy and avoided it.  The good news is, it's making money, which means I can post more... when I'm not taking care of clients, which is nearly always.  

At any rate, it's a business, and I need good people involved who really care, and who want to help people succeed.  People who think about this as much as I do.  

Nate Drolet is that guy.  

On several occasions in the past years, I've gotten a message from Nate calling me out for some quirk in my climbing style or training philosophy.  It's those messages that made the decision easy to bring Nate on board.  I enjoy being analyzed and coached.  I want to learn and get better.  So do all of our clients, or they wouldn't be paying money to let us help them. 

If there's one thing that stands out to me about Nate's climbing, it's his attention to his movement.  Whether he is warming up, trying at his limit, or playing around on silly eliminates for fun, he'll always be smooth and mindful of the efficacy of every movement.  

I don't need to give you all the details... find out some for yourself.  His Vimeo channel is packed full of no frills, quality bouldering, and you can listen to him wax poetic about movement practice with Neely on his TrainingBeta Podcast episode.  He's a quiet, but driven, 5.14 and V11 climber, and isn't a slouch in the kitchen either.

So be on the lookout for more from Nate - both here on the blog and on the podcast, where he'll be contributing.  Nate will also be coaching through our mobile app.

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