Episode 18: V11 to 5.11 with Carrie Cooper

carrie cooper power company

Yes, you read that correctly.  V11 to 5.11.  

In this episode I have a really great conversation with V11 boulderer, mom, and physical therapist Carrie Cooper.  She's set big goals for her sport climbing... but 5.11 is still difficult for her.  Not necessarily physically, but it's hard nonetheless.  We walk through her process, how she deals with the ego, and talk about what she's learning.  Carrie takes a really smart approach to her fears... one that we can all learn from.  

As a special addition to this episode, I also talk with Carrie's coach, Dan Mirsky, about his perspective on Carrie's situation and progress.

You can find Carrie at www.forefrontslc.com.

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