Episode 44: Board Meetings | Top 2 Plateau Breakers

Power Company Podcast Board Meetings

The gang's all here, again!  Our 2nd OFFICIAL full team meeting.  Episode 33, Our Top 2 Sources of Information, was the first.  If you haven't listened to that one... GO DO IT.  

In this episode, Paul, Blake, Nate and I discuss the top 2 ways we break through plateaus.  Whether it's mental or physical, unless you're a mutant, you've gotten stuck.  That upward trajectory has slowed to a grinding halt, and you don't know what to do.  Well, we have some advice.  


The Patron only podcast, "We Scream Like Eagles" is now alive!  For as little as $1 per month, you can get an extra episode or two every 4 weeks.  We like to talk, learn, and laugh.  You like to listen, learn and laugh along with us.  It's a match made in podcast heaven.  Our first episode is a chat with both my fiance, Annalissa, and Arno Ilgner about how his advice in Episode 17 helped her have the season of her life.  

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