Applied Body Tension. Get More From Your Core.

We can all agree that core strength is an incredibly important part of your preparation for climbing, but possibly more important is how you apply that strength. Too often I've seen climbers cut feet, not hold on, and respond with "I need to do more core."

Wrong. You need to learn better how to use the core you have.

We've worked for the last year, inspired by a drill brainchild from Nate called "Rooting", to put together this system to teach better body tension to climbers. You've heard us talk about Rooting on the podcast, and some of you have emailed to find out more. Now we have a place to send you.

Applied Body Tension is a system of progressions that will teach you to apply your core strength through your entire body, toes to fingertip. We see tension as a dial that includes relaxation, a necessary component for climbing, so you will also better learn how and when to relax, as well as how to toggle between the two states. This ebook includes a system of proven drills and progressions that can be applied to nearly any climbing session, and is designed to be plugged into any training plan. Beginning as warm-ups and progressing over time, this system of drills is appropriate for all levels of climber, and will give more value and importance to your warmups.  

Rooting tension dial

The Tension Dial

We're also bringing a workshop teaching these concepts on the road with us. Hope to see you soon.