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board meetings


Welcome to our new concept, Board Meetings.  Ever since I decided that this podcast was officially official, I've wanted to do more than one episode each month.  But let's face it, it's a 6 hour minimum commitment, and it would make me crazy to try and put out two of those every month.

Instead, Nate and I sat down and developed the Board Meetings idea.  Here's how it works:  We cue up a podcast template, pick a topic, and each write a list of Top 3 things based on that topic.  Then we go in, all live.  We don't know what the other has on their list until you do.  Well, maybe not exactly live.  But you hear us hearing it for the first time.  That's sort of live, right?  Oh, just go listen.  It'll all make sense.  

Anyway, we'll be trying to put these out in between the great podversations that you've grown to expect.  We expect them too, so don't worry, they aren't going anywhere.