Super Mario

A few weeks ago I emceed possibly the best climbing event in the country,  the New River Rendezvous.  The only drawback to the event is that every year I get there early to do a little climbing, and every year it rains.  This year was no exception (though it did dry up for the event), and while searching for dry rock close to the road (we arrived late in the day), we came across the huge boulder of "Super Mario".  "Super Mario" is a short, powerful line, very reminiscent of Wild Iris.  My flash attempt ended quickly, with a fierce undercling move at the bottom taking several attempts just to pull the trigger on.  By the time I found the body position, and sussed out the remaining moves, daylight was fading.  The next morning my 2nd attempt ended at a high, very wet sloper.  Before my 3rd attempt, Mike Williams showed up with his camera, documenting the day for Dead Point Magazine.  He caught the send, which nearly ended at the same wet sloper.

Thanks to Mike for the fun video!

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