Episode 32: Ego, Partnerships, and Awareness with Justen Sjong

Photo by Andrew Burr

Photo by Andrew Burr

Justen doesn't need an introduction, but in the off chance that you've been hiding under a rock, he's an accomplished climber and coach who has worked with a veritable who's who of American climbing elite.  Justen is known for his ability to get into a climber's head and coax more out of them.  I wanted to give you something different, so we don't necessarily dig into those things that you might hear about in his conversations with other climbing podcasts, like "Chalk Talk" (which you should listen to if you haven't already).  Instead, we dig into ego (the good and the bad), partnerships and how they can be affected by ego, and how awareness can offset the negatives.  

You can find Justen at: www.climbingsensei.com

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