Episode 26: Meghan Baker is a Not So Average Jane

Power Company Podcast Not So Average Jane

Welcome to our new series, "NOT SO AVERAGE."  We've long known that the everyday climbers out there who are pushing their limits deserve to have their stories told.  Now that we have a platform, we plan to tell those stories.

Your Stories.

Meghan Baker is a recently married 43 year old mom (to a teenager), who works 50 hours a week, is a brilliant actress in local theater groups, volunteers her time to both The Beta Fund and The HERA Foundation, and still makes time to train for climbing.  She was also one of the first clients I accepted when I was building our training app.  We talk through why she sought out coaching, the challenges and benefits of her lifestyle, and what we've focused on for the first year of her training.  You think you are tight on time?  Well, to be frank, you're full of shit.  

Producing this style of episode takes a lot of time, so please, let us know what you think of the new format, which you'll be hearing about 10 or so times a year.  Of course, I say that now.  If you've been listening, you already know that I'm likely to do more.  We'd love to hear from you on Instagram, Facebook or in the form of a rating and review on iTunes.  And of course, share us all over the damned place, with everyone you know who will care.  

As always, thanks for listening.  We don't tweet, we scream like eagles.


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