Episode 27: Why Form Matters with Paul Corsaro

Why Form Matters with Paul Corsaro from Power Company Podcast

I know, I know.  You're getting antsy.  Me too.  Thing is, I've been bouldering.  Alot.  And honestly, I'm still on schedule with this thing, so there.  So this is what you've got... two per month... unless, of course, you guys push us to our $100 per month goal at our Patreon page, and then you'll get 3 each month, which means more work for me, and more utter happiness for you.

But hold off on your dismay... today we're talking to our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Paul Corsaro, about a topic that is extremely important to all of us.... Why Form Matters.  Whether it be strength training, climbing, or just sitting at a desk chair.  Regardless of what you're doing, form matters.  

Paul is one of the best coaches I've ever had the pleasure to work with, and we're fortunate to have him on the team.  You can check out more of what Paul does at www.cruxconditioning.com.  His Bullet Points and Brews posts are a must read for those of us who are constantly surfing the intrawebs for training info.  

Soon you'll be able to work with Paul through our app for Strength and Conditioning Plans.  You'll hear more about that soon!

Until then, check out the Kettlebells for Climbers Ebook that Paul authored for us: