Episode 4: Kettlebells for Climbers with Paul Corsaro

It's alive!  Both Episode 4 AND the new Kettlebells for Climbers training plan!  

In this episode I sit down for a podversation with strength coach and kettlebell instructor Paul Corsaro.  We talk about why we like kettlebells as a strength tool for climbers, some of the limitations of the kettlebell, and the training plan that we co authored.  As a relative newbie to kettlebells, I feel pretty strongly that every climber should utilize them in their strength program, and we detail exactly why in this conversation.

You can find Paul and his musings, including his excellent column "Bullet Points and a Brew", which you'll love if you're a craft beer enthusiast, HERE.  If you're in the Chattanooga area, you can work with Paul directly at Scenic City Strength and Fitness.

The training plan, KETTLEBELLS FOR CLIMBERS, is available now on the site!  It's a 12 week strength training plan meant to co-exist with your climbing training.  Paul and I were both following it when we sent our hardest boulders this winter, and my core has never felt stronger.  They are an excellent, versatile tool, and they don't take up much space and cost pennies compared to what you'd need to spend otherwise.  Check out the plan, and give them a try!