Episode 121: Women In Climbing Live from the 2018 CWA Summit

podcast live.png

While I like to think that all of our discussions here are important, some are just plain bigger picture than others. This one falls into the bigger picture category. 

Recorded live at the 2018 CWA Summit, the Women in Climbing discussion brought up many great points and offered several learning opportunities for everyone present. Special thanks to all of the panelists and to the CWA, particularly Emily Moore and Laura Allured, for allowing me to broadcast this discussion. 

The discussion was moderated by Renee DeAngelis, and included Lynn Hill, Shelma Jun, Halcy Webster, Sophia Danenberg, Stephanie Ko Pound, and Becca Droz. 

NOTE: The url for the CWA Summit given in the episode is incorrect. You can find the the correct link below.