This Post Brought To You By The Letter "D".

There are three components you must have if you expect to improve your climbing.  There are lots more you could use, but without these three, none of the others will mean a damned thing.

Is it the shoes?  No. (Though a new pair of Evolv Shamans will likely help your cause.)

Is it a lighter rope?  No.  (Though a 9.1 Maxim Airliner will leave you feeling nearly weightless.)  

OOOHHH!  Surely it's a campus board, a system board, and a hangboard.  It must be.  Honestly, is there a better trifecta of training wizardry?

Wrong again.  I mean, read the title.  The letter "D".




I'm not going to bother explaining how to acquire these magical qualities.  If you don't have them, you just don't.  It's likely that you never will.  That is, unless you really want to.  Unless you desire them.  Unless you're driven to find them.  Unless you're dedicated to getting them.


Maybe we all have them.  It's up to you to use them.

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