Episode 11: Board Meetings | Top 3 Things We've Done to Positively Affect Our Climbing


It's finally here!

For quite some time I've toyed with the idea of "in between" episodes.  Realistically, I can only output the great podversations that you've come to expect about once per month.  More than that and I lose my mind in audio mixing la-la-land.  So while on our recent workshop tour, Nate and I sat down and figured out a rough format for a new concept.  The Board Meetings were born.  

Fueled by late night coffee, wine, and beer, we've recorded several episodes already, and the one that's about to invade your earhole is our very first.  It's a little rough around the edges, and a little clumsy at times, but as we recorded more episodes, they got better and better.  

You. Just. Wait.

But since I know you're a need to know kind of person, and you just can't wait, here's the basic format....

We pick a topic, and we each make a top 3 list for that topic.  Neither of us know what the other will say, and we just go in.  The intro theme music plays, we start talking, and then it just rolls.  Simple.  Fun.  In this episode we talk about the top 3 things we've done to positively affect our own climbing.  Looking for a way to bust through that plateau? (Aren't we all?)  One of our suggestions might just be the way.  

OH!  I almost forgot!

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