Episode 52: Common Climbing Injuries with Allison Stowers

Power Company Podcast Allison Stowers

In this episode Nate and I sit down with Allison Stowers, a Chattanooga climber and physical therapist. We discuss the climber injuries that Allison most often sees in her clinic... shoulders and hip region injuries.  How to self diagnose, when you should see a doctor,  what to do about it, and most important, how to prevent it.  

Allison has that very human approach to physical therapy that I really value.  You can find her site at www.chattclimberpt.com.  If you're in the Chatty area, you can see her at Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy.  

During this podversation, we mention several things that Allison believes will be helpful for everyone to know.  

Banded Shoulder Warmup

The Nordic Hamstring Curl (Eccentric)

Scapular Pull Up