Episode 40: BONUS EPISODE: Logical Progression: Part II with Steve Bechtel

steve bechtel logical progression

BONUS EPISODE!  We're giving this one to you guys for free as an example of what you could get as a patron of the podcast.  Starting soon, we'll be creating one or two special "patron only" episodes per month as a bonus for those of you showing your support.  So if you were thinking about becoming a patron, now is the time!

For as little as $1 per month, you'll get more content.  If you aren't stoked on the recurring option, and would rather just contribute a lump sump ($20+ per year), we have that option as well.  

We plan to have tips from the pros we interview, conversations and rants from the crew, and Q & A sessions with our guests.  Really, anything we can dream up is fair game.  

Not interested?  No problem.  We'll still be giving you the same great content you've come to expect, as often as you expect it.  

Special thanks to our Facebook Community Group for the great questions in today's episode!  

As always, you can find Steve Bechtel at: Climb Strong


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