Process Journal

We've worked long and hard on this idea, and we're stoked to finally have the final product in our hands.  It's gone through a number of iterations over the last year, and we're incredibly happy with where it's landed.  

But what is it?

The Process Journal is the simplest way to ensure that your climbing practice is producing the results that you're looking for.

Because training for climbing is increasingly complicated with new ideas, advice, tools, and science, we are sometimes quick to overlook the easiest, most effective changes.  Through focused questions and prompts, the Process Journal will allow you to start each climbing or training session with the right mindset, and help you create an actionable process that you can apply the next time you step onto the wall.

We've designed the journal to cover three months of indoor or outdoor climbing or training.  Though you could certainly use the Notes section in each entry to log your hangboard times and weights, or your PR deadlift, this is not designed to function as a log book.  Instead, it's a glimpse into your process, and a chance to make changes that will affect the quality of every session.  

The Power Company Process Journal